10 Great Desktop Backgrounds

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of designers create free desktop calendars and backgrounds for people to download, and that I’m not one of them.  Truthfully, the reason I don’t do this is because I love using the ones that others design!  Last year I shared some of my favorites with you, and since I’ve found so many more since then, I thought it would be fun to share!

free desktop backgrounds

1 | Design Love Fest (2013 wallpaper here, by Angela Tag)

2 | Jess Lively (print by Joy LaForme)

3 | Breanna Rose

4 | Rebekka Seale (edit: link is broken because this blogger has since taken down that blog, but I believe you can now find her here.)

5 | Oana Befort

6 | oh, hello friend

7 | Pommel Lane

8 | Glass and Sable

9 | Lovely Indeed (by Jordan Brantley)

10 | Geninne’s Art Blog

For the vast majority of these sources this is an ongoing thing, so make sure you check them out next month when it’s time to switch out your background!  It’s something simple that I get really excited about.

Which one is your favorite?  Right now I have Rebekka Seale’s floral and Bre’s dots rotating on my computer- I love so many of them that I could switch it up daily!

Update: Now I share my 3 favorite desktop designs at the beginning of each month! Check out my previous picks. I also have a Pinterest board!


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    Thanks for this, I’m such a sucker for wallpapers – I’m sure I’d change it up daily if I had the time to hunt for new ones!

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    Thanks for compiling this list! I’m constantly getting bored with my wallpaper so I’m changing it frequently. I need to remember to set them to rotate!

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    They are all so great! I’m a sucker for watercolor so I especially love Joy’s. I’ve never actually downloaded a wallpaper but I might have to give it a try knowing there are so many nice ones out there.

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    Oh wow ! Its evident you really love wallpapers, to the point of being passionate about them. And you have introduced me to such great blogs and websites here. Great editing on your part. Thanks a tonne! I especially enjoyed Design love Fest amd Rebekka Seale.

    I am really loving it here… gave you a follow on Bloglovin and Facebook :)

    Swati @ The Creative Bent


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