Dear Friend

You’ve probably seen me posting about it this week on Twitter and Facebook, but I didn’t want the week to end without officially blogging about the work I did recently on Dear Friend!  This project was unique because Anna came to me with a layout that she’d designed herself when she hired me, so from there I developed the layout into a theme, and we just tweaked things from there!

Dear Friend

Anna is amazing- I love following her blog, and her Instagram feed is equally beautiful!  And I just adore the header and calligraphy she had commissioned from joliemade.  Make sure you check out the blog for yourself, I love the feature pages Anna has put together!


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    Hi Kate! So funny, Anna is a good friend of mine! I love the work you did on her blog. I am just in love with the finished product. xo Moe

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    Oh. My. God. I just visited Anna’s site to check out her new design and, Katelyn, will you please put me on your list of interested clients? I’ve just started reimagining my blog presence and want a whole new design since I’ve recently done a name change, and would love something like this to reflect my tastes and personality. This fits Anna so well, and I am just dying for someone to reflect my personality through my blog. I will be in touch! :)

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