Small Town, Big Wardrobe 2.0

Remember when I blogged about the process for revamping Ashlee Proffitt’s existing site design?  Well, shortly after that Catherine got in touch with me about doing something similar to her blog design.  We launched her blog design last September, and while she still liked a lot of things about it, there were some things that were just asking to be updated.

Small Town, Big Wardrobe 2.0

We decided before we started that we would focus on updating 5 things: the her header, color scheme, about graphic, share icons, and post title / date configuration.  What a difference a few changes can make!  It was really fun to revisit this project and I love the updated and clean result.  Head on over to Small Town, Big Wardrobe to see the changes for yourself (and for some wardrobe inspiration!)


  1. says

    Great work, gal! I think it’s great that people are realizing the value of updating their design ( at least with little tweaks ) once a year. Great idea!


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