Starred this Week

I should rename this feature “Starred this Fortnight.” But I won’t.


My college homecoming is this weekend! Our plans are a little up in the air because Brian seems to have come down with the same illness that I had right after my trip to Cincinnati, but hopefully things will work out for a weekend of friends, fun, and food. What are you up to this weekend?

starred this week

Have you ever considered deleting your Facebook page? This is a great post to read.

Loved this post on how to build your creative tribe.

Really interesting post about selling to your small list.

Loved this post and this podcast on lessons learned in your 20s.

in case you missed it

Launched new websites for Paige Simple and Five Dot Design!

I blogged the more personal side of the story behind my new ecourse, In Retrospect. (The early bird rate only goes through the weekend, sign up ASAP!)

I rounded up some of my favorite cute mugs.

Starred this Week

See? I’m trying hard to get back in the rhythm here. So let’s get to it!


Right now I’m out of town with my mom and grandmother visiting relatives in the Cincinnati area. My grandmother grew up here and my mom was born here, but this is my first time here! It feels good to get away for a little bit. What are you up to this weekend?

starred this week

I didn’t make it to Designer VACA this year, but this post seemed like the next best thing.

Loving this new lettering series.

Great tips on how to streamline your process.

I always like reading about other entrepreneur’s journeys over time.

I use these tools also! Great round up.

in case you missed it

I shared my fear confession on Organized Creatives!

A little bucket list of fall things.

I talked about the new blog design for Driven by Decor!

I recapped the last month.

My wishlist for 26.

My tips for an about page.

I wrote about my new ecourse, In Retrospect (!!!) in my newsletter. More to come!

Getting back into Starred this Week

Whoa, it’s been a long time. For a serial documenter (like me) that poses somewhat of a problem. How do I distill six weeks into 10 images? It’s silly because so much of it is just the anticipation of the task. I really didn’t have much narrowing down to do to with these photos- I guess I haven’t been as snap-happy as usual. So here it is, my attempt at coming back!


This weekend we’re heading to Charlottesville for the football game, and then on Sunday I’m running a 10 mile race that I’ve been training for. It should be a good one! What are you up to this weekend?

starred this week

I couldn’t agree more- you really don’t have to yell.

A different approach to becoming rich overnight.

I’m the first to say that self-employment isn’t for everyone, but next time I feel doubts I’ll go reread this post. (Thanks for sharing, Cathy!)

As long-time fans, I loved this post on the blog break. And then this article on how it might be indicative of the blogosphere at large.

Because I’m addicted to reading about other people’s Whole30 experiences.

in case you missed it

Monthly recaps for August and September.

A look at the laLa Grace website that I developed.

Our family vacation to San Francisco, part 1 and part 2.

How we celebrated our anniversary this year.

I shared moodboards for two different projects!

Starred this Week (or month, again)

I didn’t realize just how full this month has been until I went to write this post! Two weddings, two concerts… it’s been a good one. And I feel like usually the internet slows down during the summer. But this year, there have been so many good things that I’ve read and seen online! It’s pretty inspiring.


This weekend we’re breathing a sigh of relief now that Brian is done with the bar. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy on Thursday (I can’t tell you how much I’d heard / knew about this movie going into it, Brian is obsessed) and we’re just doing normal weekend things and hanging out with family the rest of the time. Pretty cool, if you ask me. What are you up to this weekend?

starred this week

A great read on how blogging has changed.

A thought-provoking post on blogging practices.

Some great advice on working from home.

And on getting out of your bubble.

An interesting post about Gen Y and common generalizations.

This guide on things to do in DC has me revisiting my summer bucket list.

in case you missed it

I did an interview as part of Marianne’s Meet the Blog Designers series!

I blogged about what I’ve been up to.

Denae Brennan Weddings & Events has a new website!