Starred this Week

I felt like I really got into my groove this week for the first time in a long time, which is always a good thing. Here’s to many more productive days as we get closer to spring!


Tonight Brian and I are partaking in our annual Valentine’s Day tradition and going out to dinner. It looks like it’s going to kick off a fun long weekend, as we’ve got a birthday celebration and a bridal shower to attend this weekend as well. What are your plans for the weekend?

starred this week

Loved this video on aging.

A nice way to look at Winter, and what’s it really for.

in case you missed it

Launched Erin Akin Carroll.

Moved into February.

A soft and glam moodboard.

Starred this Week

If I had to pick three themes from these pictures, they would be snow, Griffin, and lettering. Sounds about right. I’m cursing winter on a daily basis, but looking at these photos helps remind me that there’s some good wrapped into the bitter cold and lack of sunlight.


Sometimes these posts are more challenging than they used to be because I don’t always read blogs at the same rate that I used to. I’ve actually been pretty good at keeping up with my Feedly lately, so I had fun putting together a list of my favorite links from the last few weeks!

starred this week

Loving this shift in direction.

Are you still following the rules?

I can totally relate sometimes.

You are what your share.

Nodded along to this post about determining what’s holding you back.

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Jumped into January.

Shared a calm and cozy moodboard.

I was interviewed over on Coined Life.

Shared something I wish I knew when I started my blog.

I got to be part of this tips post all about delighting your customers on Olyvia.

I talked about what I’m focusing on in the new year.

Starred this Week

I woke up yesterday feeling… unprepared. Anyone else? I feel like the new year snuck up on me a little bit. I’ve been hoarding information about goal setting and gearing up for change and new habits, but I have yet to put most of it into action. So I’m trying to look at this month as just one giant transition period for developing good habits and getting things in gear. How about you?


This weekend I’m going to spend some quality time feeling more prepared, and some of that starts with the links below. What are you up to this weekend?

starred this week

This year in review post gave me a lot to think about.

Love this question: “what is making me feel resentful?

A great post on what to consider when setting goals.

Definitely going to try this end of year ritual over the next couple of days.

More reading is definitely on my list of things I want to do in 2015, and this list seems like a great place to start.

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2014 in review.

Starred this Week

It seems like there’s an inverse relationship between things happening in life outside my computer screen and things happening on the blog. With the holidays rapidly approaching, there’s a stillness developing over here. I’ve had a lot of content ideas lately but I find myself wanting to save them for January. This will likely be the last normal post on here for 2014, though you may see me back for a yearly recap, because I do like those.


This weekend is all about everything Christmas. Christmas cards, Christmas shopping, baking… you know the drill. And since it’s that time of year (and I can’t say it enough): I really appreciate you guys. Thanks for stopping by here every once in a while. What are you up to this weekend?

starred this week

Great ideas for refreshing your biz for the new year.

It’s not too late to start planning for 2015!

Because we all want to be valued for our expertise, right?

I’ve spent a lot of time organizing my boards lately.

I love printable gift tags this time of year.

in case you missed it

A modern pastel moodboard.

I’m a big believer in hierarchy.

Jumping into December.