Starred this Week

Alright- here it is, Sunday night, hurrying to get this post UP before Mad Men, and just squeaking by before the weekend is up. And what a pretty weekend it was. But I just couldn’t let another day go by without posting something! And for the first time in a long time I’m feeling inspired to write something. You know, with the keyboard instead of just in my head.


This weekend went by much too quickly, and this week is looking pretty nuts. And in other news, I am ready to be done with Whole30. I’ve been writing the blog post in my head since we started (does anyone else do that?) and I’m excited to share our experience in more detail. What is your week looking like?

starred this week

I clicked over after this podcast, and haven’t been able to stop thinking about this banana bread.

Consider this link my way of making the same vow.

And as usual, while putting this together I pinned up a storm.

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Did my usual monthly recap.

Starred this Week

Friends… I miss you. I’ve been working up a storm this spring, which is good of course, but I do miss posting on here more regularly. Just taking it one day at a time, here’s what we’ve been up to lately!


Are you seeing a theme here? Last Monday Brian and I started Whole30. So things are a little food-centered over here right now. Gathering it. Cooking it. Researching it. It’s a lot of work, you guys. The last two pictures are food we ate on the first day, and everything else is from before. We went to Trader Joe’s last night and it was… sad. But! I do feel like this could be good for us. We’re definitely still adjusting, so stay tuned. What has been taking up your brain space lately?

starred this week

I don’t really care about them either way, but I loved this post.

I’m dying to watch all of these!

And as always, Pinterest is a good place to see what I’m loving these days.

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Posted about the recent relaunch of Leftovers Antiques!

Starred this Week

You may be surprised that I still remember how to blog. Turns out it’s a lot like riding a bike. Who knew?

I’ve mostly been keeping my head down in hopes of wrapping up some big projects this month. I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through March already! Time flies when you’re… working hard? But as you can see below there’s been some fun mixed in there, and also, let’s be real- work is usually fun too.


This weekend I’m taking a break and stepping away from the computer. I’m planning some long workouts for both days, taking Brian on his first trip to IKEA, and doing some fun things with friends. What are you up to this weekend?

starred this week

I’m like 99% sold on Whole30 after reading Anna’s posts about her experience. Have you tried it? I want to hear about it!

Say what? This is so creepy.

And now that you desperately need some warm fuzzies, go read this. I couldn’t agree more.

LOVE this fear busting series!

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I shared my latest moodboard!

Jumping into March.

Starred this Week

I’m kinda digging this whole every two weeks thing for Starred this Week- there’s more pics to choose from! This last week Brian and I were actually house sitting for some family friends, so it was nice to have a little change of scenery. Still too much snow, though. This weekend has been amazing, I’m so ready for spring to be here for good!


We’ve had a very chill weekend- lots of walks, and some viewing of the Olympics yesterday. I woke up feeling seriously under the weather today (and so did Griff, poor guy) so I took that time to catch up on work a little bit. I (knock on wood) haven’t been sick much this winter, so I’m hoping this goes away quickly! How was your weekend?

starred this week

Whitney blogged about a project we worked on together that recently launched!

Loved this post on changing dreams.

And this post is kind of related.

I’ve been a pinning maniac lately, but I’ve especially enjoyed beefing up my home and workspace boards.

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Introducing my new domain name.

Starred this Week

Oy. Winter, right? If I’m being honest, I’m feeling more frustrated with time management this week than I have in a while. I’m hoping to claw my way out to a better system this week, but it seems like that has been my goal every week so far this year. Here’s to slow improvement and making good changes over time.

Starred this Week 2014-02-07

I skipped a week, so these photos and links are from the last two weeks. I feel like there’s something about winter that makes me take less pictures. #isitspringyet? (I promise to never use a hashtag in place of a sentence again on here. Just kidding, I don’t know that I can keep that promise.)

starred this week

This made me feel better about this whole winter thing. But as you can read above I’m still pretty much over it.

Since Grace Bonney is probably the closest thing we have to a president in blog world, this Blog State of the Union is a must read.  And I loved Bre’s post that touched on some of those same points!

Don’t miss the first episode of The Lively Show!

I’m weirdly obsessed with Simple Green Smoothies lately. I heard of it for the first time when Jen spoke at a panel at Alt- if you have any interest in healthy eating and smoothies, you gotta check it out!

I’ve also been on a big time Pinterest kick lately, if you’re looking for more reads this is a good place to start!

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My photos from Alt 2014.

Thoughts on authenticity, perseverance, and originality.

And more thoughts on growth, collaborations, and hiring.

A new monthly recap as we head into February.

Desktop Ditty 05.

 P.S. I’m doing some maintenance over here for the next few days, so I’ve turned comments off for the time being. I promise this isn’t a permanent thing! Check back later or send me an email!